A Warm Welcome to each and every one of you.

Change our world for the better by realising your potential and the full potential of all of us – our teams, our tribes and our communities.

We share old and new wisdom, providing retreats and experiences to challenge and support leaders and their teams to understand themselves and each other better, communicate better and act better.

High impact in the worlds we touch is a responsibility and an opportunity of immense size, bigger than most of us realise. And whilst the big prizes are out there for us all to see, the task of realising potential starts within, for the knowledge and wisdom that lies both within and below the surface is where the true treasures are often found.

We offer empowering and challenging programmes and events designed to awaken Leaders to new levels of self-realisation, embodying being the change and inspiring others to nurture personal and organisational development.

In resolving conflicts and building trust through non-violent communications, we guide Leaders on the path of culture-change that goes beyond performance-coaching, entering the realm of ‘conscious leadership’ and ‘ripple-effect leadership’.

Our vision is of building a flourishing, sustainable, peaceful and happier world – one person, one team and one leader at a time.

We share the goal of helping ourselves and others to reach their best and stay there, for good.

RealiseYourPotential.com is designed to be a catalyst for change.

Change that starts within.  Within you, your teams and your leaders.


The 5 Gateways


Does the next Director’s meeting need to be more productive than the last?

Is something critical coming up, either from within the organisation or from the outside? Or have the past few months been less successful than expected, to put it mildly?

When it comes to people, time and meetings, especially board meetings, introducing a strong facilitator to chair either the entire meeting or a part of it, can prove a powerful ingredient in breaking through patterns or behaviours in order to achieve consensus or at least to come out with a clear result that everyone can line up behind.

Our recommended Boardroom Facilitators are highly experienced and personable and utilise either a traditional Chairman approach or a Coaching style, leading proceedings in a structured yet dynamic way.

Either contact us directly or contact any of our trusted RealiseYourPotential.com community friends. Select Community from the menu and if someone is available for Boardroom Facilitation you will see it on their individual professional profile page on the ‘Available for’ list on the left hand side.

Whether for business or as an individual, realising potential can be achieved or supported through a variety of approaches.

Sometimes the same person may be trained and experienced in more than one discipline and will gladly offer their services initially in one role, with the option for change further along the road. Or an integrated service will be offered as appropriate from the start.

A good coach will ensure you are supported and challenged in equal measure.
Business Coaching in particular is a fast-growing area due to the multiple benefits that are well documented, to the point that Coaching outperforms Mentoring as the tool of choice for fast-growing forward-thinking organisations and their Leaders.

An insight worth bearing in mind is that a Coach (or a Mentor) is only as good as the level of development they have achieved for themselves. Coaching, especially Life Coaching has earned a mixed reputation over the past few years.  This is the case in particular due to the plethora of ‘easy-to-pass’ Life Coaching courses, sometimes taken by individuals who gain a form of ‘certification’ with limited personal acumen, experience and personal awareness skills.

RealiseYourPotential.com only features and recommends trusted coaches who are both people of integrity but also trained to the highest standards (EMCC or ICF approved), experienced in Leadership Coaching, Business & Executive Coaching and/or Performance & Life Coaching.  We offer individual coaches or a team of trusted coaches to run a series of tailorable programmes for your company, based on the full spectrum of RealiseYourPotential.com Events & Modules.

Expect a learning and discovery experience through simple yet powerful structures that will see you achieve goals that you previously may not have considered achievable.

For those new to this area, a simple differentiator between a Coach and a Mentor is that a Coach will ask brilliant questions to bring out brilliant answers from you and your team, whilst a Mentor will share their experience (either their own or those of their client) and tell/show you how it’s done and what you should do.

Depending on the time-pressure and the urgency of the need, an experienced Coach will know when to take their ‘coaching hat’ off and share some wisdom, before returning to the sometimes slower and more powerful format of allowing you and your team to come up with the solutions.  It is always the ideas that you and your team come up with, that are fully owned and easier to stay committed to, than the ideas given to you by others.

If you’d like some one-to-one coaching or if you’d like to arrange group or team coaching, either contact us directly or contact any of our trusted RealiseYourPotential.com community friends. Select Community from the menu and if someone is available for Coaching & Mentoring you will see it on their individual professional profile page on the ‘Available for’ list on the left hand side.

Learning and training comes in many shapes and forms, none better than experiencing it for yourself.  We offer a friendly yet powerful learning format that will allow you to shine as an individual as well as experiencing active learning through also being a contributor within a group dynamic.  Stimulating and supportive workshops are run either as course (usually a four week series) or as a half or full day event.

The great thing about RealiseYourPotential.com is that aside from our fixed venue workshops, you get to choose the preferred date and venue (within reason).  Old wisdom is blended with contemporary thinking and processes and exercises are designed to get to the heart of things whilst stretching your imagination and thinking to new limits.

Expect to go deeper than your typical self-development course or talk. The reason we call it experiential workshops is that you will experience doing your work rather than being ‘talked to’.  Small groups are another reason why you will get the most out of the experience, so be prepared to bring everything you’ve got and to be open to re-writing the next chapter of the book of your life/career/whatever.

If you’d like to experience the power of a RealiseYourPotential.com Experiential Workshop simply go to Events/Modules in the menu and look in the section entitled ‘The Full Monty’ for further information.  Alternatively, if you’d like to arrange a tailored programme for a group or team, contact us directly via email or pick up the phone right now – +44 (0)7973 617 342

We genuinely can’t wait to hear from you! ;o)

When RealiseYourPotential.com was only a twinkle in my eye, I spent many happy hours brainstorming and creating campaigns with my creative partner Craig Leonard. We worked together at my former agency, Free Spirit Communications.

In our earliest days, we designed advertising campaigns, direct marketing campaigns, customer loyalty magazines and outdoor – that was before digital was anything more than e-newsletters and text messages.

The story since then has been nothing short of beautiful.

Over the coming days, a full selection of his work and those of others we trust and respect will be featured within the Creativity gateway (see The Five Gateways™).  Aside from traditional briefs, we are also available for hire as a creative duo.

Rest deeply assured, whatever your creative inclinations or desires, we can work with you or on your behalf to create a campaign that you will be proud of.  We don’t do art for arts sake (though we love art), but we play hard to get results.

Everything we do in terms of creativity is so that your reputation and your profits rise for good.  Please don’t ask us to tell any ‘porky pies’, we’re humble enough and proud enough to say our work style and creative experience will be sufficient to meet and exceed your needs without the need for bending the truth.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Daniel & Craig

Realising your potential nearly always requires words. The proposal, the introductory email,  the speech, the advertising campaign, the LinkedIn blog, the list goes on.

Whether you require a full-blown customer loyalty campaign or maybe just a book or magazine, we’ve either written our own or edited/published for others.

The devil is in the detail, or so the saying goes – but with copywriting and publishing, it’s the big picture and identifying the key message that will have maximum lasting impact, that comes first.

RealiseYourPotential.com only works with trusted good people who are also great in their chosen field – from copywriters and wordsmiths to managing editors and proof-readers, we’re proud to recommend the finest people we’ve had the privilege to work with and know over the years.

Check out the Performance gateway or our Community section to find the person or persons you’d like to work with on your next project or contact us directly for a recommendation.


100 days, 30 days, 3 days – you choose.

RealiseYourPotential.com caters to individuals, groups and large organisations, drawing on a trusted pool of superb facilitators, expect to be surprised by the depth and simplicity of our ‘Kick-start’ programme.

• Build deeper trust and establish boundaries for the work ahead.
• Name the challenge or opportunity.
• Uncover the drivers behind your performance or the performance of your entire management team.
• Identify where values and vision align and leverage the opportunity to realise untapped potential.
• Name and clear the beliefs that are serving no one.
• Discover the aspects of wellbeing that matters most.
• Explore and develop fresh perspectives for lasting change.
• Establish smart goals and plan for what may get in the way.
• Identify the key messages for the key people.
• Embed new behaviours, practices and habits.
• Get creative and raise the bar, for good.

Tailored courses are available on request. Off-site and on-site flexibility as standard.

Whatever the challenge you face, whatever the opportunity ahead of you, if you’re looking for a safe place to explore, discover and leverage the potential as yet untapped within you and your team – as long as you are up to something good, we’d love to be a part of it. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction that facilitating our clients in achieving sustainable profits and the building of a glowing reputation.

RealiseYourPotential.com’s ‘Kick-start’ programme is delivered by any combination of our trusted community (see Community landing page), subject to availability.

For an initial conversation, call Daniel on 07973 617 342

See Events/Modules – The Full Monty – Summer Spa Retreat or Autumn Spa Retreat.  Details will be announced soon.

If it’s not coaching you are after, you might have a position that needs filling by a flexible multi-talented professional.

Some of the trusted people featured on RealiseYourPotential.com’s Community page, are available as either consultants or interim placements.

Speak to us in full confidence and we will tell you if we have someone available that fits the bill.

Sometimes life is as simple as just asking.

Realise Your Potential – if not now, when?

Enquiries – daniel@realiseyourpotential.com   07973 617 342

Look out for excursion experiences on the Events page from September onwards.

We plan to combine physical challenges with learning and personal growth.   Walking the finest coasts of England or strolling through the parks of our major cities, our work never stops. Be accompanied by a friendly team of experienced coaches, mentors, consultants and wellbeing practitioners.

Clear out the cobwebs, come back years younger than you left.

If this speaks to you, get in touch directly to find out where our inaugural ‘walkabout’ will take you.   daniel@realiseyourpotential.com

If you’re looking for a speaker for a corporate or private event or if you’d like to attend an exclusive RealiseYourPotential.com talk, please get in touch directly. daniel@realiseyourpotential.com

For the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest designers*, copywriters, SEO specialists, financial geniuses and technology solution providers. Whether in retail, online or on the ground, business to business or the not-for-profit sector, there are key peers, clients and suppliers who run superb businesses and whom I am happy to recommend.

Over the coming months, this section of the website will be further developed and in the meanwhile, if you are looking for a recommendation, feel free to get in touch.

By way of background, I set up RealiseYourPotential.com to bring under one roof both the marketing and business side of my career with the personal development and team transformation side.   There are endless tools and offerings out there, however I only deal with and recommend others who share the values of integrity and authenticity, both in their business and personal lives.

I believe that whilst money and profits are important, whatever we do, peace of mind counts for a lot too!

Be in touch if you’d like to talk through your business or personal challenges and I’ll do my level best to help you either myself or through the RealiseYourPotential.com network of personally recommended service providers and specialists.

Warm wishes and thank you for visiting.

Daniel Frohwein – Founder & CEO of RealiseYourPotential.com

* I’d like to single-out Craig Leonard in particular, whose design work and approach to client-service has been exemplary for the approx. 15 years I’ve known him and worked with him. Some of my best work (and most enjoyable too) was created together with Craig. You’ll find Craig’s details on the community page.

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