Please read on if you have time and expertise to offer and be of service to any of the following Frontline sectors

1) Food Retail & Distribution/Delivery & Supply Chain /Transport
2) The NHS
3) Private Healthcare & Wellbeing
4) Governmental/Executive (police & armed forces)

Realise Your Potential For Good Ltd, the purpose-driven enterprise behind Realise Your is opening an exchange hub to match supply and demand across the new landscape.

For you, for us, the dependable experts with coaching and communications skills – experienced and award-winning Coaches, Mentors, Consultants, Internal Communications Specialists, Creatives, tried and tested at being in service and especially on a remote-working basis.

For them, the Leaders of Leadership Teams and Team Leaders who are key people of influence in front line sectors.

The online Leadership ‘Immediate-Response’ hub will in time transition into an ‘Emerging from the Emergency’ hub  and is an opportunity for your services and your time to be realised for the good.

Please fill in the form below, providing us with your availability for work during April and May.  We are creating an exchange hub with the market to create the best value exchange across the seniority of clients as well as the experience of the Coach, Mentor, Consultant or Creatives.   Things are simple at this stage. All you need to do is register your capacity  and rates for work here and pass an approval process to join a virtual meeting or ‘online-circle’.

Further information to follow soon.

The first step is to offer your time with four charge out rates – the first – Charity Rates,  the second – Public Sector rates, the third – SME rates and the fourth – Corporate rates.
Your rates and availability will only be shared as part of an aggregate of the value offer total together with your peers.

At this time of peril to life, taking the edge off the top of the curve depends upon two human factors – trust and respect.

Trust and respect yourselves.

Trust and respect others.

We look forward to welcoming you into an online circle soon.

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