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Jeroen van Weeghel



I facilitate in the area of personal and professional development and leadership with emphasis on communications and connection.

Specialist in:

Self-realisation, Self-leadership, Inner-balance – Facilitating holistic workshops and events.

Beyond a deep understanding of the millennial generation and the challenges organisations face, I also facilitate clients in rediscovering and applying healthy ‘gender-power’ practices for diversity and their authentic and mature masculinity.

Within the organisational context I specialise in Leadership & Millennials.


I focus on uncovering new ways of attracting and binding millennial talent to organisations, from a ‘state of Being’ framework, in which the goals of Leaders and organisations are both realised.

I bring a philosophical context as a facilitator with a background in recruitment that enables me to understand current challenges within professional development, team dynamics and organisations

My approach:

I believe that the experience of being in the driver’s seat of your life is crucial to attaining a sense of fulfilment and the motivation to thrive.

Bringing together knowledge and wisdom from various traditions and cultures, my approach embodies inner calm and clarity as I teach the effective application of tools for empowerment and profound transformation.

I bring tremendous energy and drive, facilitating processes of learning and growth, especially in the field of inner leadership and millennials.


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