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Julia Williams


To guide/support people to gain the clarity and confidence needed to move efficiently in the right direction with broader perspectives and deeper insights. From my experience and observations, everyone needs a champion behind them to do their best.

I’m a highly discerning listener, able to pick up details often lost in between the lines. My work allows me to bring calm clarity to the busiest and often most-stressed amongst us. Having worked extensively on the voice by integrating it with the mind and body, I bring to my clients insightful confidence in themselves and their presence, particularly in challenging situations.

Specialist in: Career Management, Success at interviews, Effective Presentations, Creative Problem Solving, Increased calm/confidence at any level, Sustainable Relationships, Trusted Leadership.


Having chosen to be self-employed from a very early stage in my career, I have been able to spend a large part of my life developing self-awareness, personal communication skills and creative expression through many art forms. My sensitivity and commitment to my own integrity has enabled me to be trusted and work with an unusually wide range of highly intelligent, ambitious people of all ages, often entrepreneurs who like myself, were intent on living a life with a business that fitted their talents and interests.

My approach:

My experience has taught me mindfulness of the stillness within us all, though often unknown: time to reflect, to think clearly and communicate appropriately is a vital component of this work, whatever the topic. I hold that everyone wishes to make a valuable contribution to improving the world as they see it, despite appearances to the contrary. My intention is to enable people to take personal responsibility for their thoughts and actions and remain open to continual change within and in the world at large. I glory in the unique combination of skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities that belong to every individual. Making them aware of those is often my first step before we confront the current challenge together.


My website:  personalimpact.com