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My mission is to help others shine.


I am strongest when setting up and holding a safe space for realisations and breakthroughs to occur.  As a leadership coach or as facilitator for large groups,  I am a passionate advocate and a practical enabler, for greater levels of Human Potential realisation (within individuals and organisations)

Specialist in:

Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Organisational Coaching, Entrepreneurship Coaching, Team Coaching


My keen sense of insight and market understanding were the source of many breakthrough initiatives during my 10 year corporate career with a large FMCG company. As co-founder of BEING at Full Potential, I  now use these same skills to help access the incredible potential that lies within individuals and their organisations. I am the co-architect of the HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment Tool and an adventurous film maker in the area of Business Transformation.

Working in large multi national organisation for 10 years
– Market research
– Film making
– Entrepreneurship
– International up bringing

My approach:

Working at the Human Potential level cuts across all the cultural and socio economic differences. Seeing each other as fellow human beings in search of meaning and self-realization makes me feel ONE with the world. It opens my heart and gives me hope in a more sustainable future.

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