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Sven Lauch


My purpose is “to raise a generation of emotionally intelligent leaders”.


By equipping leaders with practical and fundamental emotional intelligence skills, I train and coach leaders:

  1. To lead from the inside – by looking after their emotional health proactively, and living into their values authentically and confidently.
  2. To invite others to complement them  – by creating emotionally safe organisational cultures that enable and support all staff to contribute their differences and be their authentic self regardless of their background and past experiences.
  3. To recognise and nurture emotionally intelligent leaders – by proactively mentoring and coaching others into their authentic leadership potential by teaching them emotional intelligence skills that lay the foundation for personal growth.


People describe me as a compassionate, insightful, inspiring, liberating and vulnerable person with a powerful and captivating backstory.

Having found reconciliation with my own severe emotional and collective trauma, I understand how important it is to go beyond just managing our unpleasant emotions and experiences. I teach skills that help leaders unlock the unique opportunities that setbacks, adversities and conflicts bring by putting emotions and mind into a creative partnership. Central to the approach is to discover our values, appreciate our differences and built emotionally safe environments in which anyone can flourish.


As a qualified Emotional Logic Coach and Practitioner with many years of experience in presenting keynotes, hosting workshops, coaching individuals and training teams, I lay the firm foundation of emotional intelligence skills on which others can build authentic, highly innovative, agile and diverse organisational cultures.

All through my work and private life I’ve had a genuine love for people. Having seen the incredible potential that our individual differences bring to the collective success, I always nurture the collaboration of authentic individuals.

Specialist in:

  • One-to-one coaching focused on emotions and mindset, and trauma recovery
  • Team coaching and training focused on building emotional safe cultures
  • Keynote speaking focused on turning adversities and setbacks into opportunities of personal growth, as well as culture conflict resolution.

My approach:

I create confidential and emotionally safe spaces for individuals, teams, and organisations that inspire curiosity and learning to explore the partnership of feeling and thinking which lead to a deeper understanding of who we are and what we do.


Central to my work is the three-step method of Emotional Logic:

  • Make sense of your emotions and emotional patterns
  • Discover your values and identity
  • Take value-driven action to connect with the world around you.

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