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My mission is to support people to expand into and utilise their human capacity of creative imagination.  I do this in order that we begin to create new default behaviours based on putting the BEing right at the centre of our DOing.


As a professional narrative visualiser and a professional certified coach I am passionate about creating from what has become unworkable. It’s all about learning and re-learning, creating and re-creating.

Specialist in:

I like to think that my creative/artistic gifts inspire others into their own creative flow and that by being vulnerable, in spite of the obvious challenge there, it supports the others to be able to break into their own creativity.

I offer leadership and life-coaching and personal leadership development to executives and professionals as well as to management teams.  As a Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Organizational Coach, Career Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach or Team Coach, I am a deep and compassionate listener with the ability to support and inspire growth.


New Zealand born I began my international “perspective” at 10 living in the last 35 years in NZ, Mexico, Spain and the UK. I am an artist fascinated by the nature of things, and over the years of working in language development and education, and documentary making in NZ and Mexico, I finally combined my artwork into Visual Facilitation (2004) and Leadership Coaching (2007) to support transformation world-wide. A colourful career-path which has shown me how we have it fully in our grasp to re-work the unworkable.


My approach:

I am a deeply resourceful person. I listen intensely to people telling their story. I use my art to draw out the underlying images and understandings in the individual or group I am working with. The quality of my listening is so profound that people hear themselves in a different way and access parts of themselves that they may have been lost or forgotten. I also have an infectious sense of humour, and a lightness of being that can turn any work into fun.


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