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We can change our worlds for the better, especially those of us in positions of authority or power. 

Our Vision is of emotionally intelligent Teams & Leaders developing themselves and improving their powers of Communication and growing their organisations impact with greater safety, strength and kindness.

Our Purpose is to support and facilitate changes in attitudes, work cultures and specifically communications, that profitably sustain Loyalty, Resilience, Collaboration, Innovation, Dependable Performance, Inclusivity and Scaleability. Our higher-purpose is to inspire leaders to bridge cross-cultural divides and to impact sustainable positive shifts in ‘hearts and minds’ for the many, not the few.

Pressures on bottom lines, disconnection, burnout, economic uncertainties and evolving social/societal responsibilities means that inspirational Leadership, masterful Teamship and improved connection & collaboration, have never been needed more.

We listen to you and take stock of what you and your team think, feel and do, via anonymous surveys and interviews.

We provide insights, tools, information structures and communication strategies to build ROI via cultures that attracts, retains and develops the best professionals and the best volunteers.

We deliver bespoke workshops and Learning & Development programmes, designed by leadership coaches, mentors, consultants and gifted individuals to create tremendous safety for the breakthroughs we all treasure.

Take action to inspire and fuel healthy growth and lasting change.

Realise Your Potential and that of those you lead – if not now, when?

Daniel Yehuda Frohwein

Founder   RealiseYourPotential.com


We offer clients only trusted coaches who are both people of integrity but also trained to the highest standards e.g. EMCC or ICF equivalent, experienced in Leadership Coaching, Business & Executive Coaching and/or Performance & Life Coaching.  We are a collective of individual coaches and consultants that form trusted teams to design and deliver tailored programmes.

Expect a learning and discovery experience through simple yet powerful structures that will see you achieve goals that you previously may not have considered achievable.

Depending on the time-pressure and the urgency of the need, an experienced Coach will know when to take their ‘coaching hat’ off and share some wisdom, before returning to the sometimes slower and more powerful format of allowing you and your team to come up with the solutions.  It is always the ideas that you and your team come up with, that are fully owned and easier to stay committed to, than the ideas given to you by others.

If you’d like some one-to-one coaching or if you’d like to arrange group or team coaching, either contact us directly or contact any of our trusted RealiseYourPotential.com community friends. Select People from the menu and if someone is available for Coaching & Mentoring you will see it on their individual professional profile page on the ‘Available for’ list on the left hand side.

We offer a people-first systemic approach to attracting, developing, retaining and empowering your Talent.

Through discovering the standards, benefits, policies and understandings that work the best for both the individuals and the collective, Realise Your Potential cuts across traditional approaches integrating best practice and new learnings seamlessly.

We provide an anonymous ‘organisational health-check survey’ with room for your own questions, providing priceless feedback.

We support you in creating scalable HR systems from EVP and Recruitment through to Performance Evaluations and Conflict Resolution processes – all backed with experiential Learning & Development modules that inspire all participants to realise their potential.

For an initial conversation reach out to Daniel on +447973 617 342

Learning and Development and training comes in many shapes and forms.  We offer a friendly yet powerful learning format that allows you and your team to shine individually as well as experiencing active learning through being a contributor within a group dynamic.  Stimulating and supportive workshops are run either as course (usually across 3 -6 months) or as a half or full day events.

The great thing about RealiseYourPotential.com is that aside from our fixed venue workshops, you get to choose the preferred date and venue (within reason).  Old wisdom is blended with contemporary thinking and processes and exercises are designed to get to the heart of things whilst stretching your imagination and thinking to new limits.

Expect to go deeper than your typical self-development course or talk. The reason we call it experiential workshops is that you will experience doing your work rather than being ‘talked to’.  Small groups are another reason why you will get the most out of the experience, so be prepared to bring everything you’ve got and to be open to re-writing the next chapter of the book of your life/career and that of your team.

If you’d like to arrange a tailored programme for a group or team, contact us directly via email or pick up the phone right now – +44 (0)7973 617 342

We genuinely can’t wait to hear from you!

100 days, 30 days, 3 days – you choose (for maximum lasting impact we recommend a hybrid, data-guided programme spread across 18-36 months).

RealiseYourPotential.com caters to individuals, groups, SME’s and large organisations, drawing on a trusted pool of superb facilitators, expect to be surprised by the depth and simplicity of our ‘Kick-start’ programme.

• Build deeper trust and establish boundaries for the work ahead.
• Identify where values and vision align and leverage the opportunity to realise untapped potential.
• Gain new clarity on the challenges and opportunities ahead.
• Uncover the drivers and blockers behind your performance and the performance of your leadership/management team.
• Name and clear the beliefs that are serving no one.
• Discover the aspects of wellbeing that matters the most.
• Explore and develop fresh perspectives for lasting change.
• Establish smart goals and plan for what may get in the way.
• Identify the key messages for the key people.
• Future-proof new behaviours by embedding new practices and habits.
• Get creative and raise the bar, for good.

Tailored courses are available on request. Off-site and on-site flexibility as standard.

Whatever the challenge you face, whatever the opportunity ahead of you, if you’re looking for a safe place to explore, discover and leverage the potential as yet untapped within you and your team – as long as you are up to something good, we’d love to be a part of it. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction that facilitating our clients in achieving sustainable growth, healthy profits and the building of a glowing reputation for being good and doing good.

RealiseYourPotential.com’s ‘Kick-start’ programme is delivered by any combination of our trusted community (see People landing page), subject to availability.

For an initial conversation, call Daniel on +447973 617 342

Realising your potential nearly always requires words. The written word,  the speech, the advertising campaign, the LinkedIn blog, the message to ‘all staff’, the list goes on.

Whether you require a full-blown employee engagement or customer loyalty programme, the devil is in the detail, or so the saying goes – but with communications, it’s the big picture and identifying the key message that will have maximum lasting impact, that comes first. We work to stay true to your Brand values at all times.

RealiseYourPotential.com only works with trusted specialists – from copywriters and wordsmiths to managing editors and proof-readers, we’re proud to recommend the finest people we’ve had the privilege to work with and know over the years.

Contact Craig Leonard or Daniel Frohwein – see the People page to find us.


When RealiseYourPotential.com was only a twinkle in my eye, I spent many happy hours brainstorming and creating campaigns with my creative partner Craig Leonard. We worked together at my former agency, Free Spirit Communications creating brands, designed advertising campaigns for outdoor and print media, direct marketing campaigns and customer loyalty magazines.

Today everything we do in terms of creativity is so that your reputation, impact and profits rise for good.  We do this by shining a light on what is true. We are ethical in all that we do and we’re humble enough and proud enough to say that our creative experience will be sufficient to meet and exceed your needs without the need for bending the truth.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Daniel & Craig

See Events/Modules – The Full Monty – Off-sites and Retreats – Active, Spa or Hybrid – reach out for an informal initial conversation – call Daniel on +447973617342

If it’s not specifically coaching you are after, you might have a position that needs filling by a flexible and talented professional.

Some of the trusted people featured on RealiseYourPotential.com are available as either consultants or interim placements.

Speak to us in full confidence and we will tell you if we have someone available that fits the bill.

Sometimes life is as simple as just asking.

Realise Your Potential – if not now, when?

Enquiries – daniel@realiseyourpotential.com   07973 617 342

Look out for excursion experiences on the Events page from September onwards.

We combine physical challenges with learning and personal growth.   Walking the finest coasts of England or strolling through the parks of our major cities, our work never stops. Be accompanied by a friendly team of experienced coaches, mentors, consultants and wellbeing practitioners.

Clear out the cobwebs, come back years younger than you left.

If this speaks to you, get in touch directly to find out where our ‘walkabout’ could take you.   daniel@realiseyourpotential.com

If you’re looking for a speaker for a corporate or private event or if you’d like to attend an exclusive RealiseYourPotential.com talk, please get in touch. daniel@realiseyourpotential.com

Does the next Director’s meeting need to be more productive than the last?

Is something critical coming up, either from within the organisation or from the outside?

Have the past few important meetings been less successful than expected?

When it comes to people, time and meetings, introducing an experienced facilitator to chair/guide either the entire meeting or a part of it, can prove a powerful ingredient in breaking through patterns or behaviours in order to achieve consensus or to come out with a clear position that everyone can line up behind.

Our recommended Boardroom Facilitators (zoom or live) are highly experienced and personable,  leading proceedings in a structured yet dynamic way.

Either contact us directly or contact any of our trusted RealiseYourPotential.com friends. Select People from the menu and if someone is available for Boardroom Facilitation you will see it on their individual professional profile page on the ‘Available for’ list on the left hand side.

For the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest designers*, copywriters, SEO specialists, financial geniuses and technology solution providers. Whether in retail, online or on the ground, business to business or the not-for-profit sector, there are key peers, clients and suppliers who run superb businesses and whom I am happy to recommend.

If you are looking for a recommendation, feel free to get in touch.

By way of background, I set up RealiseYourPotential.com to bring under one roof both the marketing and business side of my career with the personal development and team transformation side.   There are endless tools and offerings out there, however I only deal with and recommend others who share the values of integrity and authenticity, both in their business and personal lives.

I believe that whilst money and profits are important, whatever we do, peace of mind counts for a lot too!

Be in touch if you’d like to talk through your business or personal challenges and I’ll do my level best to help you either myself or through the RealiseYourPotential.com network of personally recommended service providers and specialists.

Warm wishes and thank you for visiting.

Daniel Frohwein – Founder & CEO of RealiseYourPotential.com

* I’d like to single-out Craig Leonard in particular, whose design work and approach to client-service has been exemplary for the approx. 20 years I’ve known him and worked with him. Some of my best work (and most enjoyable too) was created together with Craig. You’ll find Craig’s details here.

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Tel: +44 (0)7973 617 342  I  Email: enquiries@realiseyourpotential.com


Looking forward to hearing from you