Something’s Gotta Change

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A single day intensive practical workshop.

Everyone experiences times of external and internal change.  Whether in Mind, Body or Spirit, or all three, we either work around it, resist or suppress it, or we embrace it!

This course has been created for people intrigued enough to want to explore and experience different perspectives about their life and themselves with a view to finding out what needs to change and/or discovering what could be holding them back.

This is a practical workshop so look forward to developing deeper awareness and using new tools that will empower you in both how and where change needs to happen.

Within a safe and structured process, expect to be asked questions that you may have never been asked before and find answers that guide you to understand yourself and others on an entirely new level.

To realise your potential, your vision for change needs nurturing with creativity, commitment and passion.

What’s the single most important message you need to convey and who are the most important individuals or groups that would appreciate your message? Working in a dynamic group setting, develop and test your ideas, craft messages and brainstorm the most creative ways to have impact. Individual and group work provides the best combination of inspiration and validation.


Sign up for a personally transformative day co-led by Executive Coach and Personal Development specialist Daniel Frohwein and Leadership Breakthrough Specialist Mihaela Berciu.


For more information call Daniel 07973 617 342

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Are you ready to do what it takes to realise your potential by embracing change, at work, at home and at play?

Most of us have challenges that need solving, ideas or plans that have yet to see the light of day and in most cases, money alone isn’t the answer.

Our lives are truly amazing in terms of what is possible, but how often are we at our best and how long do we stay there? Do we really embrace change and if we do, are we actually sticking with it?

‘Something’s Gotta Change’ is designed to support you to challenge your status quo, shift your perspectives and embrace change.

Look forward to very refreshing experiential workshop, designed and structured around you.


  • Reframe The Power of Beliefs & Judgments on yourself and others.
  • Acknowledge and gain deeper understandings around Projections & Boundaries and their impact on day-to-day interactions.
  • Over-Thinking’ & Self-Awareness – develop techniques to balance speed and slowing down, strengthening your ability to cope with and thrive through change
  • Reading People & Listening – master practical tools and processes that fortify confidence & trust, both essential for excellence in leading yourself and others through change
  • Experience and learn how to apply the power of Sound & Silence in dialogue and to access mindfulness. Pick up tried and tested tips for keeping conversation in flow.  Sometimes it’s noticing what has not been said and sometimes it’s the ability make others open up, that open the doors to lasting change.


  • More Centered & Mindful

  • More perceptive use of language and signals (spoken and not)

  • Greater confidence

  • Healthier relationships

  • Empowered to Embrace Change

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Venue:   The Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS
Date:       Sunday 6th August
Time:        9:30am-5:00pm
Fees:         £385 (£299 early bird rate)

Light lunch and refreshments included

Maximum number of participants 14

For further information call Daniel 07973 617 342

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