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Weekly two-hour workshops run as a series of four sessions.

Session 1:”Reconnecting the dots within – digging deeper to grow taller.”

Take a deeply fulfilling look at what you really value and what your life purpose could look like if you realised the incredible potential within you. Within a safe and structured process, expect to be asked questions that you may have never been asked before and find answers that guide you to understand yourself and others on an entirely new level.

Reconnect with inner truths in ways that surprise and empower you and enjoy feeling re-awakened and motivated to move forward as you identity your unique higher purpose or calling and start to build a vision of your life lived fuller and to your highest potential.

Session 2: “If I were a brand – Vision & Strategies for growth and impact, reputation and success.”

Using the tools and wisdom from the world of advertising and branding, feel supported and challenged as you chart a practical course towards being your best and doing your best. Working in a trusted group you will be supported and challenged as you refine your vision and begin to form a practical strategy that will enable you to realise your potential for good.

Session 3: “Engagement and Messaging – it’s not only what you know and who you know, it’s also about inspirational communications”.

To realise your potential, your vision needs nurturing with creativity, commitment and passion.

What’s the single most important message you need to convey and who are the most important individuals or groups that would appreciate your message? Working in a dynamic group setting, develop and test your ideas, craft messages and brainstorm the most creative ways to have impact. Individual and group work provides the best combination of inspiration and validation.

Session 4: “Ready, steady, off you go – every day is a gift, use it to the full”

Follow a powerful 10-step process that will provide detailed step-by-step support to get you to your first goal and beyond. Identify and record what you need to do (and what might get in your way). Keep it real by working through the order of play that best suits you as well as clarifying who you need to talk to and what your going to say in order to realise your potential, for good.

Sign up for a personally transformative series of ‘experiential workshop’, led by Branding and Personal Development specialist Daniel Frohwein.


For more information call Daniel 07973 617 342


Be Inspired
Be Challenged
Be Supported

Are you prepared to do what it takes to realise your potential and be truly ‘Fit for Life’, at work, at home and at play?

Most of us have challenges that need solving, ideas or plans that have yet to see the light of day and in most cases, money alone isn’t the answer.  Our lives are truly amazing in terms of what is possible, but how often are we at our best and how long do we stay there? Do we really know our true calling and if we do, are we actually living it?

Would you like to take up the challenge to understand and recognise what realising your potential would truly look like?

• Access empowering tools and liberating wisdom
• Learn and grow in a safe and powerful experiential workshop format
• Be supported and challenged as you roll back the blockages and beliefs that no longer serve you
Step up to be and do your very best, for good.

Welcome to realiseyourpotential.com

Organisations and people grow in stages. Sometimes we get stuck and stop growing. Sometimes we are on top form, incredibly resourceful and simply fantastic!

But most of us only manage our best for short periods of time and all of us could do better and be happier if we realised more of our potential.

Through RealiseYourPotential’s Five Gateways™, step into a world grounded in Purpose, powered by Performance, balanced with Wellbeing, expressed through Creativity and anchored with a Legacy you will be proud of.

• Rediscover your purpose and re-ignite your ‘mojo’
• Identify your blockages as well as your potential for greatness
• Find fresh perspective and inner balance
• Pick up practical tools and step back into your full power
• Define new goals and the road to achieving them
• Start the next chapter of your life feeling supported every step of the way.

Realising your potential starts with an honest and challenging process of self-discovery, followed by identifying a clear vision and purpose that will keep you motivated for the journey ahead.

Most of us stick with what we’ve got and what we know. Whoever we are and whoever we believe we can be, the most valuable treasures usually lie buried deep beneath the surface. Our beliefs, whether conscious or sub-conscious, our confidence levels and whatever is close to our hearts either drive or inhibit our ability to step up and realise our potential.

Dig deep to grow taller – experience self-clarity like never before through RealiseYourPotential.com’s The Five Gateways™ programme.

Four Week programme**

Venue:   The David Lloyd Club Finchley, Leisure Way, High Road, Finchley N12 0QZ
Dates:       21st, 28th July, 4th August & 11th August
Time:        7:30pm-9:45pm
Fees:         £750* (£250 per session if not booked for the four week programme)

* 1 Bursary available per course. Instalment payments offered if needed.
**If you can’t make one of the sessions you can make it up by joining the next programme running in October, but book it in early as spaces go fast.


For further information call Daniel 07973 617 342

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