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The power of Branding, can not be easily over-exaggerated.  The challenge is in ‘walking the walk’, assuming the Brand values are authentic and relevant to your target audience.

Many companies experience cycles  in which their focus moves between operational efficiency, product or service leadership and ‘closeness to customers’ (source: Bill Quirke).  In my experiences of supporting business or personal growth over the past 20 years, Branding is the single subject that brings together the key ingredients that nourish customers, staff and suppliers alike.

What you stand for, what you want to be remembered for, what your charachteristics and behaviours signal to every touchpoint, can be sourced back to a conversation and a commitment made about Branding.  Branding never was and never will be the logo or the superficial stuff.  It’s all about the associations and values that are experienced when others engage with us or the company we work for.

It takes true leadership to create ‘buy-in’ for change and as often happens, after periods when the ‘bean-counters’ have finished cutting costs or the product/service teams have launched the latest offering, that customer closeness becomes the highest priority. Our behaviours need to be aligned with our values and without a solid Branding process, it’s nigh impossible to get creative and connect to customers with a confident brand personality.

If you believe now is the right time to revisit your Branding – either for a new direction or a correction if you’ve been drifting off course – get in touch and let’s start a conversation.

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