Decision making & Intuition

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Ted Talk - Magnus Walker

Credit: Gosia Gorna 'Clarity' in making decisions

Ted Talks - Katrine Kjaer

Decision making starts as a rational process and nearly inevitably, the more complex the decision, or more importantly, the more far-reaching the implications of the decision, the more we tend to seek ‘peace of mind’ and as close to certainty as we can humanly get.

The human mind is amazing. The human spirit is sublime.

Within each and every one of us, exists an inner guidance system – some call it ‘gut-instincts’, others call it ‘a sixth sense’. In all the decisions I’ve taken in my life, whether at work, at home or at play, when I’ve not felt ‘right’ about a decision, despite the logic of the decision being sound – instincts do not lie.

Around 10 years ago, I received a call from a women seeking marketing and branding support for her new venture. She was setting up a business dedicated to training top CEO’s how to best use their intuition.  I told her I couldn’t market her without believing in what she did and invited her to my board room and several hours later, all present were simply bowled over by what she and her then partner had unleashed within us.

We worked together and stayed in touch as friends and colleagues over the years and I’m proud to say she was recognised for her incredible talent as Transformational Coach of the Year 2014. It is thanks to Gosia Gorna, that I have both the awareness and the resources to utilise my intuition for business or personal decisions.

This section will feature a variety of content that will help those who seek to understand and harness their intuition as well as exploring the broader range of decision-making tools and processes available to us all.