Why are you here?

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99% of people live and die without asking ‘Why?’.

What is my higher purpose, beyond safe passage for my family and being a good person?

For many of us, being a good citizen, a good parent, a good child is enough. But when we give ourselves the gift of defining our purpose and doing the work necessary to uncover our unique talents, the possibilities become truly endless.

In the coming days and weeks, this section will feature a range of content to inspire you to re-examine your purpose. Why are you in your current role at work or at home? What need does your organisation meet and will it still be needed in 10  years time? Why are you living the way you are and what would you like to be living for?  Work or play – redefine your purpose and take the opportunity to align your values and look forward to staying ahead of the curve.

Why are you here?