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Daniel Frohwein


I believe Leadership starts with Self or Inner Leadership.  My work mission is to challenge and support Leaders to ‘be the change’ and to co-create with a higher purpose, a more peaceful and prosperous world for us all.

My purpose is to facilitate deep understanding, empowerment, connection, trust, innovation, improved communications, collaboration and ultimately healing.


I see things others don’t see            I help them see it for themselves            If wanted, I help them do the best with it

I also design and co-create programmes for culture-change and realising potential based on organisational and personal psychology and the integration of agile and intuitive modalities.

I particularly enjoy collaboration and innovation briefs from clients and am strong in confidence-building communications training for teams and especially leaders.

Specialist in:

Change – Cultural and Organisational change – starting with individual change.

Through Business & Leadership Coaching or Mentoring I hold leaders through change and into increased sustainable positive change, co-creating awareness and fresh perspectives for change – co-developing great strategies and focusing on integrating change across teams, leaders and key individuals.

It has been my own deep personal development work that has given me the most satisfaction over recent years both as a leader myself and as a leadership coach for other leaders.  I also note with pleasant surprise the natural cross-over from my earlier career in branding and communications for organisations, based on brand ‘characteristics, values and beliefs’,  that translates perfectly when it comes to Leaders, their teams and the employer brand.


In 2019 I led an 18 month Culture-Change programme achieving 3 industry Gold awards for my client. I devised the programme and delivered it through on-site and off-site workshops, coaching and modelling a Coaching Culture with a specific focus on Self-Leadership – for more insights see http://bit.ly/SelfLeadershipClientExample & Thorntons Budgens.

I am also proud to be a part of the Being at Full Potential global community of coaches – this pool of exceptional talent comes with some unique ‘human potential’ assessment tools and I enjoyed their support and deep involvement on the amazing journey with Thorntons Budgens – without them I couldn’t have achieved what we did.

Another client, this time a global creative services agency engaged me for Conflict-Resolution and trust building work with key directors – one-on-one coaching and group coaching saw harmony and focus improved with new tools for communications having been learned and practiced in co-learning and solo-learning formats. Some of my work is of a highly confidential nature so there are no links about this or similar client projects for you to look at.

From large corporate clients, through to start-ups and from hyperlocal Volunteer-driven project through to global collaborations, I have had the privilege of working with an incredibly talented range of clients across a broad spectrum of industry sectors – from media, politics, financial services, healthcare, insurance and property, through to tea, designer chocolate, retail, jewellery, health & fitness and wellbeing.

My approach:

Looking out for patterns above and below the surface, I am hyper-observant and listen extremely carefully in order to connect honestly and set expectations appropriately.

I share and provide the tools, structures and wisdom that help people and organisations to understand themselves and each other better. I do this so they may think, communicate and act powerfully and safely, for good.

Coming from a marketing & sales background (with a speciality in Branding), I work at the intersect of Inter-personal Communications and Psychology.

As a Business & Leadership coach, I work with leaders and organisations to help them achieve clarity, visibility and impact.

I see it is a privilege to facilitate breakthroughs during workshops, retreats and Coaching sessions  (Teams or Individuals).

My approach is focussed around the signals, messages and behaviours of, to and within the individual or the organisation.

Creating awareness of both bigger picture context as well as the beliefs and emotions beneath the surface, I guide my clients into seeing themselves and others in ways they may not have seen before.

I help them explore, develop and practice healthier(more productive) and happier (also more productive) ways of thinking, communicating and acting.

My clients can count on surprisingly tactful honesty, practical support and lateral thinking put to use for integrating change for and between Teams, Leaders and Individuals.

I stay authentic, positive and grounded, being mindful of the past, the potential futures and the gift of the present.

Website (s): realiseyourpotential.com