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My mission is to support others to shine in his/her Full Potential.


Professional Certified Coach – International Coaching.

Specialist in:

I offer life-coaching and personal leadership development to executives and professionals as well as to management teams.  As a Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Organizational Coach, Career Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach or Team Coach, I am a deep and compassionate listener with the ability to support and inspire growth.


I started my journey in technology when I was 11 and since then have used it to connect with the world and to create spaces for communications and virtual gatherings.
As time went by I started transitioning from Technology Advisor to Coach and Facilitator to follow my passion to foster communications between people.

My approach:

I grew up programming and learning how to “split big tasks into small actionable tasks” and this has become my go to approach for everything that looks too difficult to manage. I meet the client where they are and prompt them gently to enable self-discovery rather than ‘steering’ the conversation.

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