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My purpose is to empower leaders and teams to unlock their full potential.

I believe our world of work needs to be led by leaders who embody strength that is founded in wisdom and love in order to bring creativity, innovation and trust to the heart of business.

My purpose at a broader level is also to co-create a more inclusive world in which the full spectrum of human potential can be realised.


I take my clients to the deeper levels of the mind, bringing to surface what is blocking growth (or creating the symptoms) and find new insights and perspectives that allow for empowered decision making, fostering deep and lasting transformation.

Clients and colleagues have told me over and over that they feel safe and seen in my presence, and that working with me has empowered them and made a lasting positive change to their lives. I believe that to get the best out of yourself and your team, safety, authenticity and empowerment are key. 

Creating coherence. I connect the dots and always see the bigger picture. New insights, perspectives, behaviours, any change, be it on a personal or organisational level, makes sense, feels safe and can be implemented on a practical level straight away.

Specialist in:

1:1 coaching





Diversity & Inclusion

Human-centred Change

Conscious Leadership 


I’m an experienced Change & Communications Consultant and Coach with particular knowledge of IT/Technology, Oil & Gas, the Public Sector and SME’s. 

Particularly culturally diverse, I have a strong track record in crossing bridges and working with teams and leaders of all ages and backgrounds. 


My approach:

I listen deeply and intuitively and translate that into communications, strategy and practice that joins together people and processes, leaders and teams, human needs with business goals, unleashing maximum potential.

I provide emotional intelligence ‘education’ that supports better understanding and managing (culture) change, employee engagement and retention, conflict resolution, crisis management and personal transformation within the workplace. 

Through offering frameworks and processes that allow for engaging with and understanding of the symptoms, new perspectives emerge. I take particular pride in facilitating the development of new mindsets and behaviours that will best serve leaders and teams in difficult times. 

I bring an awareness of the importance of being connected within as well as to a bigger ecosystem. In so doing, clients gain greater self-knowledge and an appreciation of self that supports them in understanding and navigating their inner and outer leadership world. 

This integrated knowledge is an essential pathway to my work with clients. Through honest conversations together we find alignment and activate meaningful endeavour (purpose).  

… and through this I bring people to the deep awareness of the infinite potential within them.


My Website:

New website coming soon… https://www.linkedin.com/in/felicia-fee-pfeiffer-bb62255a/