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My Purpose is to help organisations become truly awesome to work for – independent of ownership forms, profit focus, geographic locations and blends of culture.


Business is nothing special until People are at the core, rather than product/process/performance/profits – all excellence is created by People.

As a senior HR leader, I help teams and leaders to recognise and unleash their potential to achieve exceptional results:

  • I see individual potential and nurture it for the benefit of the collective
  • I leverage team performance
  • I am a catalyst for Leadership and Culture change
  • I help review and re-set working processes with people and business principles in mind to eliminate waste and to re-design streamlined organisations, roles and collaboration

Specialist in:

Building strategies to become a true employer of ‘Choice’: engaging, innovating, meaningful and purposeful – creating a sense of belonging, alignment, satisfaction and impact.

Bringing teams together and developing them into high-performing teams, regardless of the starting point and range or scale of issues.

Coaching teams and leaders to remove their ‘corporate masks’, supporting them to show up as more accessible and confident within the often ‘rigid’ corporate environment.

Guiding transformations – mindset and cultural change.

Facilitating the growth of team and organisational culture that nurtures shared responsibility, ownership, continuous improvement, ongoing development and cross-collaboration.

Building and engaging self-sustaining ‘Communities of Practice’.

Developing HR teams to be high-end Business Partners and ‘change-catalysts’.


I’ve held a progressive range of senior corporate HR roles, starting with best-in-class process, moving along HR Business Partnership for Commercial, Service and Industrial teams and finally ending with large scale regional functional leadership focused on People strategy and Transformation.

Much of my career has been spent within large global ‘matrix’ organisations. I have a deep understanding of the practical needs and wants of both the ‘system’ and the ‘people’.

I’ve initiated and led a number of significant organisational, cultural and Leadership transformations, helping teams to establish a more engaging environment, re-engineering collaboration and setting the conditions for high performance.

My approach:

My core values are: fairness, integrity, credibility, co-creation, optimism and continuous learning.

I am straightforward.

If you ask my advice I will speak respectfully and directly to the core of the matter.

I do my best to reach the deepest layers of the root causes surrounding an issue and build a path forward with all my dedication and honesty.

Working with me is full of insights but sometimes the hard truth can be challenging. I know what harms and what stimulates and am mindful of feelings and emotions.

I enjoy the creative process, fully aware that the best creative results arise from collective effort, leveraging diversity of views and opinions. Everything I do is by default co-created with different stakeholders.

The saying “We do not see issues but opportunities” describes me well.

I also share the approach that there is no ultimately perfect state but there is nearly always an opportunity to find an alternative way. Being engaged in any initiative, I approach the initial brief from the “minimal valuable product” standpoint and work with a ‘Continuous Improvement’ mindset.

I see everyone as equals and correspond to the highest standards of professionalism for every group or community. I go far beyond HR, from ‘granular’ planning to high-level strategies, impacting wide ranging internal stakeholders from ‘Blue Collar’ workers through to CXO’s.

I believe, we are all humans in the final analysis.


My Website:

New website coming soon… https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikhaillvovskiy/