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To support, inspire and elevate leaders and accomplished individuals to thrive in challenging times.

To elevate the confidence and wellbeing of women leaders.



Intuitive, solution focused and compassionate. I see beyond what is on the face of it to help them gain clarity, a different perspective and learn about themselves and others.

I bring energy and insight to the conversation, individual circumstances and leadership development goals that powerfully make a difference.

Keen ability to get the best out of people.

Specialist in:

I facilitate the development and navigation of change through consultation, coaching and training with a unique blend of experience and expertise to:

  1. Broaden the horizon- Equip leaders with critical tools for supporting and making a positive impact within their organisation and the wider community, through emotional intelligence, positive psychology and tools which focus on emotional wellness and embracing individuality to excel cohesiveness of the team – a crucial asset in the multi layered complexities organisations are facing in there expanded role.
  2. Leadership for Change- assist in the transformation of organisational cultures creating innovative ways of approaching equality, inclusion and diversity. Addressing this through coaching training that has a wider systemic lens.
  3. Leading 360- working with ambitious women to facilitate change, development of emotional intelligence and resilience in addressing gender inequalities for the elevation and empowerment of women.

Personal Performance

I work with individuals though inner work to heal,  improve confidence and resilience in challenging times. To improve soft skills, build sustainable confidence in times of change, help manage daily stress, avoid burnout and build resilience in both personal and professional life.

Business and Executive Coaching
1-2-1 coaching sessions, group coaching projects, webinars, retreats, workshop design and delivery.

I work with executive clients and organisations to help them, navigate change, embed an inclusive business vision and purpose, lead more effectively, promoting a culture of personal accountability and maximising performance as a result.


As an accredited Leadership, Mindset and Confidence coach. I have worked closely with accomplished individuals to a place of high performance and desired results in both their professional and personal life. My coaching and consulting practice runs across  the business, entertainment, public, charity, education and private sectors.

Interestingly the thread between my background as a lawyer ( communication/ strategy/ outcome orientated ) blended with wisdom from experience through personal set-backs and a holistic coaching approach blended with neuroscience and psychology provides tools, techniques, emotional and practical support for key individuals to lead from a place of authenticity.


My approach

I share and create a safe space, judgement free and confidential to allow for deep exploration of emotions, beliefs and experiences to bring insights, awareness and pathways to be their full potential.

Focussing on the things that truly matter, I assist and guide clients in executing their plans, promoting a culture of wellbeing for individuals, personal accountability, and maximising performance as a result.