Julia Williams

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Available for…

  • Boardroom Facilitation
  • Experiential Workshops
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Walks & Talks


To guide/support people to gain the clarity and confidence needed to move efficiently in the right direction with broader perspectives and deeper insights. From my experience and observations, everyone needs a champion behind them to do their best.

To enable people acknowledge and develop their innate natural talent, skills and values that are so often ignored or underused.  In this work I use:

quality listening

a heightened sensitivity

a strong intuition

whatever method may inspire them whilst providing a quiet, uninterrupted time and space for them to think and feel though his/her obstacle or intentions.  I always felt that people happy with themselves would bring value to their organisations.



I am known for my warmth, intelligence, wisdom and for emanating an instant feeling of trust.

I have a degree in French, an International House cert. for teaching English as a foreign language.

I use the Enneagram as one of my main tools to outline personality traits and am familiar with Myers Briggs.

Creative developed skills in problem solving using drawing, painting, singing and music.

The people who benefit most are highly intelligent and ambitious creatives or specialists in any field who need more practice at communicating or who are seeking their most advantageous work place.

My ongoing personal development in self-awareness and impact on others.


Specialist in:

Personal communication skills

Enabling better thinking and decision making

Stress management

Confidence building

Building self awareness and presence

Voice consultancy and development

Gravitas and impact at meetings of any level or situation

Heart-based career direction



Self employed since 1974.

1978 Principally worked one to one from my home in London with young entrepreneurs, senior executives and anyone else who found their way to my door

By 2000 I had worked for senior executives, CEOs and chairmen in over 15 plcs

I was asked for occasional work with one or more consultants for additional provision in their training package, providing specialist communication skills within a single market sector or company.


My approach:

Discreet and highly confidential – only the client reports back to the organisation

Targeted towards the most senior in the organisation to make the biggest impact on its integrity

Gentle and informal

Client based

Highly creative with freedom to do anything or go anywhere in the sessions – walk, poetry reading, making music, meditating, singing, painting, presenting a passionate hobby, even cooking for a health issue once – all of which are used to bring insight and confidence.