Dr Ben Levy PhD, Dip Psych, PGCert, BA Hons, MMC

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  • Experiential Workshops
  • Kick-start programmes
  • Weekend experiential retreats
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Walks & Talks


I refresh, engage, then empower leaders and teams to grow.



I cut through the talk to work out what is really going on

I find ways to feed this back, so it can be heard and acted upon

I relentlessly focus on creating achievable solutions with you

I create an engaging and exciting atmosphere, where anything feels possible.


Specialist in:


  • Sharing effective approaches to behavioural change
  • Identifying team dynamics that promote or prevent progress
  • Holistic assessment (the psychological, emotional and cognitive aspects of change).
  • Creating energy and excitement via immersive, motivating experiences


  • Solution-focussed consultancy
  • Identifying priority tasks and ways to approach them most effectively
  • Empowering leaders to make the right changes at the right time
  • Monitoring and measuring progress towards key goals


As a consultant Community Psychologist specialising in education and learning, I have spent the past fifteen years advising dozens of institutions on how to best overcome barriers to progress.

Since 2014, I have led a team of Psychologists at a national Charity offering training, consultation, assessment and interventions to a range of clients.

In July 2021, I left the charity sector and now offer my skills and services to the corporate world.

 My approach

I listen

I hear what is said and not said

I distil

We make changes.