Martin Kander

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  • Strategy & Planning
  • Interim & Consulting
  • Designing Organisational Metrics
  • People Change Management


My purpose is to enable a team or organisation to maximise their abilities and be the most they can be.


Experienced senior leader
Technology and Operational constructs
Organisational and People Change Management
Organisation and People Performance measurement and process

Specialist in:

Forming and driving teams that foster high performance.
Design organisational and operational metrics to drive the right behaviours and build a profitable culture.
Transforming technology and process to align to business objectives and reach organisational goals.
Guiding and Managing change and transformation and the impact they have on people and teams.


I am an innovative and highly respected Director with vast experience within leading companies and high-profile programmes. I have fully demonstrated the ability to develop high performing teams, drive and manage complex technical and operational needs and maximise performance.

I have innovated around technologies, business and technical approaches, to result in significant cost savings, maximised performance and aided company direction.

I started my career as a hands-on technologist and through the years have developed the skills and competencies via career growth that have given me the insight and practical activity to facilitate this in others and in other organisations.

As an inspirational leader I have delivered robust commercial, people and technical advice to the highest levels to ensure that where the organisation needs to go, and the direction it is going in, is one and the same.

My approach:

I know that creating a connection between people that is open, honest and safe and that setting aligned goals, clear understanding and clear communication methods, builds performance and motivation.

This is achieved though one2one sessions, team sessions, team / department / organisation review, surveys and engagement.