Diana Mosonyi

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My mission is to build bridges between Leaders & Co-workers,

Problem & Opportunities,

Speech &Act,

Theory & Practice.”


Creating  safe spaces where individuals, teams and organisation are best able to grow.

Building trust in the organisation, where creativity and motivation can soar.

Providing an objective mirror of the organisational culture in order to be more efficient.

Preventing conflict-escalations.


Specialist in: 

Conflict resolution facilitator: support individuals and teams

Organisational mediator: assist to find a common ground between people or groups

Organisational ombuds-person: prevent systemic conflicts, create trust,


My conflict resolution practice run across the corporate sector, mainly small & mid-size companies internationally.

As an organizational ombud, I support individuals and leaders in order to realise their potential. On the organizational level, I prevent escalation, explore systemic issues.


My approach:

I create a confidential safe place where everyone can share their story without any judgment.

I actively-listen since everyone has their own story. I assist in finding individuals & leaders’ story in order to understand each other and to collaborate in the most effective way.

There is no healthy organisational culture without trust, I support leaders on how to create trust in the team and in the whole organisation.



Website: www.dianamosonyi.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diana-mosonyi-3b3a049a/