When considering what we are going to leave behind (at work, in our communities and our families) when we are gone, many people and many of us frame ‘legacy’ in financial terms. To realise our potential, a deeper and often broader approach is required.

Building a good name, providing for loved ones and/or good causes are all well and good, but with guided forethought and planning, a legacy with farther reaching impact is possible for most if not all of us.

To explore what you or your organisation wants to hand over to the next generation, a set of guiding principles and values needs to be established. With sensitivity and courage, we need to clarify what we value and what we stand for in order to best work towards what we’d like to see continued after we’ve exited the stage.

For others to take up our ‘cause’ as their own, the intention, the message and the goal needs to be clear and collective. Ego needs to be left behind and the mission or better still, the purpose, has to become the celebrity. Many of us haven’t identified the single message/impact that we most wish to strengthen after we are gone (from either this material plane or from the organisations and communities we are part of).

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You or your team’s legacy is actually the closest us mere mortals get to immortality. Whether you have humble goals or incredibly powerful ambitions, spending time and energy on being crystal clear on the legacy you wish to leave will guide you to know what to take up and what to say no to.

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