Creativity is something we can all develop and take to higher levels through practice, persistence and a healthy dose of patience.   Part of the challenge is often our own self-limiting beliefs or our self-protection instincts in the form of not trying for fear of failing and/or looking bad in the eyes of others.

The first step on the journey to increasing our faculty for creativity is attitude.

Creativity by definition is a positive activity or ‘creative flow’ and negative beliefs and thoughts need to be left at the door or replaced with a positive approach where possible. If you are sufficiently self-aware of your own limiting thoughts and beliefs and have a strategy for dealing with them well done! For the rest of us, our work on moving past our ‘internal negative voice’ will have to come hand in hand with any efforts we are planning on the creative front.

As a writer, artist, cook, musician, problem-solver or a physical labourer, self-expression and creative output is essentially a natural flow that can be inspired from deep within or from absolutely any external stimuli. Ideas, ‘come to us’ when we may least expect it, when we are on ‘auto-pilot’ as well as when we are otherwise engaged.

There are countless exercises and processes that help us get to a state where we are receptive to our creativity as well as helping us remain there! Some practices are best done from time to time with a partner or as part of a group. Others are best done in your own quiet time and on a regular basis.

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