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A 4 day discovery and ‘power-up’ experiential learning retreat for Leaders on a journey of change.


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You are invited to “Deep dive” into a journey that explores Inner-Leadership.

For Leaders who are advanced in their Leadership or those already further along their leadership-development journey.

‘Every Leader Matters’ is a 4 days discovery and ‘power-up’ experiential learning retreat for Leaders on a journey of change. This program was created with the intention  of challenging and supporting leaders, to be the change and to co-create a kinder, stronger, safer world for us all.

You will discover and redefine your own leadership in new and powerful ways.


• Breakthrough insights on core attitudes
• Deeper clarity on behaviours and beliefs
• New ways of communicating and showing up as a leader
• Practical tools and perspectives to make more conscious choices.



Venue:   The Balearic Islands
Date:      Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th of Jan 2020
Time:     4 Days
Fees:      €2,400 (€1,800 early bird rate)  UK invoice plus Vat unless requested otherwise

Full board included (flights not included)

Maximum number of participants 12

In a changing world needing new forms of leadership, what if it was about changing attitudes?

We believe leadership is an attitude.

With an exploration through 8 core attitudes, we invite you to discover and refine your unique leadership.

Identify and refocus key aptitudes and attitudes through inter-active workshops set in a relaxing environment run by uniquely gifted facilitators.

Through an inner journey and practice you will re-align, replenish and strengthen your self-leadership. This will unlock new perspectives and approaches for you to manifest in your work and private life.

Power-up your year with a focus on your core leadership attitudes and realise your potential to be the change maker.

Step into practical exercises and experiential workshops with time to reflect and regenerate across this 4 days retreat, led by 3 experts, Claudia, Daniel & Jeroen (see Biographies below).

Venue and facilities

Located in the beautiful and undisturbed nature of Mallorca, our private chef prepares all meals fresh with many local and organic ingredients. The meals are specifically adapted to our program, to nourish you and sustain high levels of energy during these intensive days.  Further information will be posted closer to the time.


We encourage you to be present with each other and minimize the use of digital technology during the program. 



Claudia Milardo

Claudia Milardo is an international coach who believes every person and every team is gifted with untapped potential.

With eight years as a certified coach in Communication & Coaching and Meta-Coaching, Claudia focuses on transitioning, transformational leaderhsip and potential-realization.

Her processes and approaches unlock both individual and organizational potential by bringing the attention back and alignment to the essence of identity and purpose.

From an improved state of awareness/being, individual clients and client teams see through the complexity or chaos of their worlds. Her style is practical, perceptive and nurturing, enabling Leaders to move forward in more meaningful ways, thereby unleashing breakthroughs.

“My vision is of sustainable nurturing organisations remaining aware and conscious of both their connection with others and with themselves (inner connection).”

Claudia has 17 years experience serving an international organization, developing her natural skills and talents in emotional, social and interpersonal intelligence.

Daniel-Yehuda Frohwein

Daniel-Yehuda Frohwein is the colourful founder of RealiseYourPotential.com, a passionate public speaker and an active Leadership Coach, specialising in culture change and conflict-resolution.

Imbued with a deep understanding of psychology from his earlier branding and marketing career, Daniel embodies strong inner leadership and an approachable personality. He accompanies leaders and their teams on their challenging journey of personal and organisational change.

Daniel has a BA Hons. in Business Management from The Middlesex University Business School and is a qualified business and leadership coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association of Business and Leadership Coaches (ABLC).  He is also an international facilitator staffing on MKPI (Mankind Project International) New Warrior Adventure Trainings.

Recently Daniel joined forces with the Being @ Full Potential Community and was Head Coach for his multiple-award winning client Thorntons Budgens, London – achieving industry recognition for innovation, sustainability and being the first UK Supermarket to launch plastic-free aisles and bays.

An avid lover of the great outdoors, Daniel is equally at home hiking over hills and mountains as he is sitting quietly over a soothing cup of tea. 

His hobbies and interests are atypical – ranging from ancient-world history and mysticism through to holistic health, contemporary leadership, silent meditation and men’s circles.

Jeroen van Weeghel

Jeroen brings tremendous energy and drive, facilitating processes of learning and growth, especially in the field of inner leadership, millennials and mature masculinity. Bringing together knowledge and wisdom from various traditions and cultures, Jeroen embodies inner calm and clarity as he teaches the effective application of profound tools for empowerment and transformation.

Jeroen is a philosophical facilitator with a background in recruitment. This enables him to understand current challenges within professional development, team dynamics and organisations. He focuses on uncovering new ways of attracting and binding millennial talent to organisations, from a ‘state of Being’ framework, in which the goals of Leaders and organisations are both realised.

Within the organisational context, he specialises in Leadership & Millennials.

Beyond his deep and thorough understanding of the millennial generation and the challenges organisations face he also specialises in facilitating processes in the area of authentic and mature masculinity and healthy ‘gender-power’ practices for diversity. He is also inspired to help men connect to their masculine spirit and to show up as the best version of themselves.

For further details and to discuss your individual or organisation’s requests for the retreat please email
daniel@realiseyourpotential.com or c.milardo@seira-coaching.ch or jeroen@vanweeghel.com

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